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Historical Background
Goebel Corporation designs and manufactures a large variety of precision tools, dies and support parts for the manufacturing industry.  Additionally, the company designs and builds customized machinery and various automated systems as well as being an original equipment manufacturer of Goebel Hydraulic Presses. 

John F. Goebel established Goebel Corporationin in 1988.  Prior to that, in 1968 he was the founder of Continental Manufacturing Service Inc. (CMS).  John Goebel was born in Dresden, Germany, and is the third generation to practice the tool and die profession.  After losing his parents at the age of sixteen in the February 13, 1945 bombing of Dresden, he finished his four year apprenticeship as tool and die maker at Zeiss Ikon, worked several years under Russian occupancy and escaped to West Germany on December 24, 1949.  After acquiring varied experience at well known companies in West Germany, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland, he immagrated in 1956 to Cambridge Ontario, Canada where he pursued designing and building progressive dies for the automobile industry.  In 1958 the Ford Motor Company sponsored Goebel as troubleshooter for their new high tech production line for their new stamping plant in Cleveland, Ohio.  In 1962 John joined the A.O. Smith Corporation, a manufacturer of motor controls in Cleveland as a tool engineering manager.  The company built a new facility in Lancaster, SC and Mr. Goebel transferred to this plant as a tool and manufacturing manager.  He achieved many awards for method improvements and cost reductions.  Goebel transferred to Lancaster selecting and set up the new high speed stamping and injection molding operations.

In 1968, with an $18,000 loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA), Mr. Goebel founded his own business.  Since then, incremental lines of credit from $18,000 to $1.5 million were advanced by a local bank, backed by the SBA and were satisfied in full.  CMS quickly gained recognition for its professional services.  The company enjoyed a long, steady, and direct relationship with its customer base, without engaging any sales representatives.  Its customers included premier corporations such as General Electric, Westinghouse, Abbott Laboratories, Allied Signal, Du Pont de Numerous, US Department of Energy, Hoechst Celanese, ITE Siemens, Emerson Electric, Homelite, Eaton, Digital Equipment, Robert Bosch, Black & Decker, INA Bearing, Bendix, Motorola - to name a few.

CMS represented one of the most modern equipped tooling companies in this region.  Projects developed from single units to custom designed fully automated turnkey systems, including electronic PLC controls.  Additionally, Goebel designed and developed his own unique Hydraulic Press, ranging from 1 to 250 ton capacity.  Growth demanded a new facility and CMS moved into its new 26,000 sq. ft. building on the Charlotte Highway.  By 1986 the company employed approximately 50 people.

In May of 1987, Mr. Goebel was named first runner up to the South Carolina Small Businessman of the Year.  In October 1987, out of 850 suppliers, Continental Manufacturing received the Award of Excellence from the US Department of Energy for outstanding services provided to the National Security Programs.

In early 1988, John Goebel decided to sell his company (exclusive of the Hydraulic Press Line).  Accutrex, Inc., a production stamping company with its headquarters in Lancaster, PA purchased the stock of Continental Manufacturing Service, Inc. and leased the facility.

In May 1988 John Goebel moved back into his former 7,000 sq. ft. facility to continue developing improvements on his Hydraulic Presses.  This established Goebel Corporation.  Over 220 presses have been sold without any salespeople or advertising, grossing over $5 milion in sales.  Satisfied customers, in a short period of time, repeated their press orders until as many as 25 presses to one customer, 12 to another, 15 to various divisions of another customer etc.  The Goebel Hydraulic Press emerged to become a well received product of quality, reliability and minimum maintenance.  Mr. Goebel has been approached to sell his press line.  A projection of press sales over a four year period indicated a $5 million sales margin.  The Goebel Hydraulic Press with its unique  features is flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of press applications.  Because of the tremendous response to the Hydraulic Press, Goebel believes that his product has great potential in a nationwide market place.

In 1995, Accutrex, Inc. (the buyer of Mr. Goebel's former company CMS) outgrew the 26,000 sq. ft. facility on HWY 521 and moved it's operation to a larger, local building.  It was then decided to relocate Goebel Corporation to the Charlotte HWY location.  Mr. Goebel continued to build upon his customer base, strengthened and utilized his ongoing commitment to quality workmanship and his wealth of knowledge in the business.  The rapid expansion and quality service of Goebel Corporation was not to go unnoticed for very long.

In February of 1996, ATS (Automation Tooling Systems, Inc.), a  world renowned international manufactuer of high tech automation systems and robotics, with it's headquarters in Cambridge, Canada with over 26 world wide divisions and over 4,000 technical employees.  CEO Klaus Woerner searched for a manufacturer of Goebel Corporation's business nature and the sunbelt location well suited it's purpose.  ATS purchased the assets of GC in June of 1996 and leased the facility.  Mr. Goebel remained as consultant with ATS for one year.

The strong domestic and international presence for the metal industry in the Carolinas and surrounding states, from the steel manufacturer to the automotive industry, to intricate high tech automation industry to intricate high tech automation companies are in deaperate need of precision parts and tooling support.  Mr. Goebel's knowledge, his expertise and the awareness of this need in additon to requests for the Goebel Hydraulic Press Systems, and last but not least, the love for his profession, once again prompted him to venture back into the "hands on" approach of this business with which he has been most comfortable and successful with.  It allows him a personal relationship with the customers full concentration unto their sensitive, special tooling needs and assures them of the impeccable quality and service to which they have grown accustomed to over his 43 years in business.  Lancaster, SC, 39 miles south of the metropolitan city of Charlotte, NC provides and excellent location to service both a domestic and international customer base.